Surrounded by serenity and nature

Hiking and mountain biking

Various marked hiking routes are available at our campsite, which give you great views and take you to the most beautiful places. The area is also ideal for mountain biking.


On request, trips are made to local producers of for example sheep cheese, locally brewed beer or nut liqueur where you can view and taste the products.

Flora & Fauna

In the spring you can enjoy the many different flowers, including some special orchids and the variety of butterflies is a feast for the eyes. The various ferns and mosses indicate a very clean air. With a bit of luck you will see owls, buzzards, woodpeckers, jays, red tails and sometimes even the kingfisher. The deers are also regularly seen in the spring and autumn.

Lac du Causse

A beautiful lake of about 90 ha, where you can swim (supervised), windsurf, sail, water ski and fish in different sections. The Lac du Causse is three kilometers from the campsite and is beautifully situated between the hills and at the foot of the ruin Château de Couzages.

Marché de Producteurs

Every Wednesday in July and August you can visit this cozy market in the village of Chartrier (2 km) from 5 pm. The local retailers offer their products here, including strawberries, sheep cheese, goat cheese, wine, meat, nut cake, etc. While you eat and drink, you can enjoy live music.


A much visited and famous place of pilgrimage. It lies in a narrow gorge of the river Alzou, at the foot and against the slope of an enormous steep rock, at an altitude of 180 m. Definitely worth a visit.

Grot van Lascaux

A limestone massif near Montignac in the Vézère valley discovered in 1940. Known for its well-preserved Paleolithic paintings. The caves have been closed to the public since 1963 due to the deterioration of the paintings and a beautiful replica was made close by in Lascaux II.

Grottes de Lacave

Located in the Lot, which you enter by means of an electric train. This is followed by a walk through long corridors and large "halls", where beautiful dripstone formations have been formed over the centuries.

Gouffre de Padirac

An almost 100m. deep natural well that gives access to beautiful galleries and extensive caves, once carved by a subterranean river. Once you have arrived at the bottom (with elevator or stairs) you step into a boat and take a trip on the river.


A castle with a large collection of old war tools, including a catapult. Various demonstrations are given in the summer months.

La roque de St. Christophe

An enormous rock face of 900m. long and 80m. high, which has provided housing to many people in the past.

Le Truffadou

A steam locomotive that ran from 1889 on the old railway line Bordeaux-Aurillac. The railway is carved into the cliffs of Mirandol and hangs 80m. above the Dordogne river. The truffle transport earned the steam train its name “Le Truffadou”. The railway was shut down in 1980, after which it was put back into use for tourism in 1997.

Golf de Brive Planchetorte

This golf course, which is open all year round, is located on the outskirts of the town of Brive la Gaillarde. The course has 18 holes and is 5950 meters long.

Climbing Forest

Older children, younger children and adults can enjoy themselves in the climbing forest in Aubazine. There are several routes that you can climb.

Barefoot path

A walk barefoot, that is possible in Ussac at Parc Wizz'titi. How does it feel to walk in mud, on straw, over pinecones and other crazy materials? Ideal for younger children.

Prehistoric park

Which animals lived before the dinosaurs? What did the dinosaurs eat? How big were they? And why did they all die? And how did people originate? You learn it all in the prehistoric park. A beautiful walk under the trees takes you millions of years back in time. You can find these parks in Tursac and Lacave.


A beautiful old town with a lot of history and small, narrow streets to stroll through. Many small shops with local products. Don't forget to visit the market on Saturday, it's really worth it.


Small but lovely ... Martel is such a town where you can stroll through, grab a terrace or eat a delicious ice cream.


Just 15 km from the campsite, a beautiful old town overlooking the river Vézère. The market on Thursday morning is definitely worth a visit and don't forget to take a walk along the old city wall and through the beautifully renovated old center.

Canoe trips

Beautiful trips can be made on the rivers Dordogne and Vézère. Just moor along the way for a nice swim and a picnic, great!

Château de Turenne

A beautiful castle in the village of Turenne, just 15km from the campsite. Beautiful views and you really go back in time.

and there is much more to discover.....