The campsite is surrounded by serenity and nature, while a lot of sights and attractions are nearby. It’s possible to make different walking tours (in France they are called Petit Randonnée / Grand Randonnée).

Lac du Causse, a lake of 100 ha., where you can swim, windsurf, sail, water-ski and fish. In a distance of 4 km. from the campsite you find Lac du Causse between the hills.   omgeving-lac2 (Custom) 

Marché de Producteurs, every Wednesday evening in July and August there is a festive market in the little town Chartrier (2 km.). Here you can meet local producers and buy their products: sheep- and goatcheese, ducks, fruits, crêpes etc.

  omgeving-markt (Custom) 
Rocamadour (46 km.), a well known place of pilgrim. Situated in a small cleft of the river the Alzou, against the slope of an enormous rock at a height of 180 m.   omgeving-rocamadour (Custom) 
Cave of Lascaux (35 km.), cave in the limestone mountains near Montignac in the valley of the river Vézère, discovered in 1940. Famous because of the extremely rich and well preserved paleolithic paintings. Since 1963 the caves are closed for public, because of the affection of the paintings. Nearby there’s build an imitation, Lascaux II, in behalf of the tourism.   omgeving-lascaux (Custom) 
Caves of Lacave (37 km.), situated in the department Lot, which you will enter by an electric train. After entering the cave, there begins a walk through long galleries and great rooms, where through the century’s beautiful stalactites and stalagmites have been created in time.   omgeving-lacave (Custom) 
Gouffre de Padirac (44 km.), an almost 100 m. depth, naturally pit, which gives access to beautiful galleries and caves, once eroded by an underground river. When you arrive downstairs, you get in a boat and make a mysterious journey across the river.   omgeving-gouffre padirac (Custom) 

Castelnaud (47 km.), a castle with a rich collection of old implements of war, among which this catapult

  omgeving-castelnaud (Custom) 
Rock of St. Christophe (54 km.), an enormous rock with a length of 900 m. and a height of 80 m. which offered, in the past, to a lot of people housing.   omgeving-roque (Custom) 
Truffadou (25 km.), a steam locomotive which worked from 1889 on the old railway Bordeaux-Aurillac. The railway is hewed out in the crag of the Mirandol and is hanging 80 m. above the river the Dordogne. The steam locomotive has earned his name “Le Truffadou”, from the transport of the truffles.In 1980 the railway was closed, after which this was put into use for the tourism in 1997.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 
Golf de Brive Planchetorte (15 km.), on the outskirts of the city Brive la Gaillarde, is this golf course situated, which is open during the whole year. The golf course has 18 holes and is 6060 m. long, 9 holes pitch and putt and a bunker.   omgeving-golf (Custom)